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I am a servant leader here to RECHARGE the next generation of world changing leaders, influencers, support staff, and contributors in a disruptive marketplace to remain focus on IMPACT.

  • Are you a servant leader looking for a more intense way to motivate your support staff to execute your vision while providing a world class experience to clients?

  • Are you a servant educator at a high school, college, or university looking to stretch your student leaders in the direction of leadership, professionalism, or entrepreneurship?

  • Are you a senior leader or nonprofit executive in need of a training program for more effective communication?

  • Are you a small business owner, start-up, or an inspiring entrepreneur ready to set your business to take flight?

  • Or are you just someone who is simply looking to find your purpose and would like the “right-fit” coach to help you get there?

We gotcha!

15 plus years of experience with skills in:

Leadership Development

Job Placement Specialist

Training & Facilitation

Staff Performance Coaching

New Hire & Orientation

Organizational Leadership

Effective Communication

Professional Speaking

Small Business Resource Coach

Life Coach

Spiritual Development

Project Management


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"Nothing noble or noteworthy on earth was ever done without a vision" -Dr. Myles Munroe-

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Get Ready for

The 4 Animal Experience!

This interactive workshop is intended for individuals who need the “silver bullet” to team engagement and success. This session will give you the insight with "The How to…" of your people. (i.e. How to get them on the same page; How to get them to perform at a higher level; etc.)
How do you adapt under pressure?

Identify the 4 Animals you're leading in Your Current Environment

Identify your team's hot buttons and how to speak their language;

How to STOP RESPONDING in the wrong way to team members;

How to create a culture of thriving;

and so much more..


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